Tips for Self esteem and self assurance when the media / fashion /diet industry are using negative guilt trip sales tactics to pry on our low self esteem.

  1. Positive talk over yourself. We often are meaner to ourselves than we are to our worst enemy. Try to force yourself to say positive, kind things. If you can’t think of anything nice, ask a trusted friend what they like about you, then say them over yourself when you’re blue.
  2. Wear colours and things you love! Don’t second guess what you should or shouldn’t wear, wear what you love, with confidence. Remember when you had lucky knickers for exams or dates (or was that just me?). Have outfits you love that boost you.
  3. Spend time with positive people who make you feel fab not people that put you down to lift themselves (they have their own issues)
  4. Power poses in the mirror. Initially you might feel silly, but this is really helpful! In the morning stand in a powerful pose – like wonder woman, or super girl, hands on hips and chest proud, or a madonna ‘strike a pose’!
  5. Make a list of your talents, gifts, achievements and then reflect on how they can get you towards your goals and what your heart’s desires in life are.