1 – Stop comparing 

Comparison is the thief of joy!  Why are you comparing your reality with others’ filtered fb or photoshopped pictures?  And don’t even compare your reality with your own filtered pictures.  

2 – Stop the negative talk (for you and those little ears)

Stop saying you’re fat, or stupid, or ugly.  Stop it!  Aloud or internal!  When you find yourself doing it, stop, breathe and challenge it.  Ask yourself….. Is this true?  What evidence is there for this?  Is this helpful to me?  If my best friend said this over themselves, what would I say to them?

3 – Start talking more positively over yourself

Fake it until you make it!  Start with general positive affirmations.  Things like ‘I am enough!’  ‘I can do this!’ Say them aloud, even if you don’t believe it, say it, and say it aloud with conviction! Practice practice practice! Then, in time, you can start to be more specific to you and say things that you specifically are good at.  

4 – Look after yourself

If you take care of yourself you’ll start to see yourself as more valuable and then respect yourself more.  How would you take care of a child or a puppy?  Then do that for you!  You need enough sleep, exercise, play and good food.  Go back to basics.

5 – Make peace with the mirror

Make this a positive environment. Put positive affirmations around it.  Ue post it notes and write down achievements, positive statements, compliments friends have said over you.  Force yourself to look at what you DO like rather than the negative.  

It is a psychological fact you are friends with people you find physically and mentally attractive.  So all your friends think you’re HOT!  Believe it and bask in it beauties! xxx