Confidence Boosting Course

There’s only one of you in the world, so bask in your awesomeness and start living your life confidently and without regrets!
Comparison is thief of joy so let’s stop comparing and start living life with confidence and joy.

With this new 4 session course, you can boost your confidence and start facing life with a fresh outlook.


I really enjoyed Emily’s confidence course. It came at a time when I really needed it and Emily’s fun, gentle and kind approach was exactly right. I loved the mix of journaling suggestions and the meditation exercises at the end of each session. I loved the idea of the cheerleaders, and I could so easily visualise my own personal cheerleaders! It has been a really helpful visualisation that I use often since. As a business owner, my “me time” is few and far between. Emily’s sessions were just the right length for me to enjoy in a hot bubble bath each week. The advice was achievable, attainable and Emily’s approach is just like a best friend would talk to you.
Susie of Styled by Susie


Emily’s confidence course has been a wonderful distraction and aid as 2020 has definitely seen my confidence take a knock. It has given me the opportunity to properly recognise my worth (what I can bring to the party!) and that I am not the negative statements from my past. I am looking forward to seeing a more confident me going into 2021! I would recommend taking this course for anyone struggling with self doubt…or if you just need a boost!

Lucy of Colour me Sustainable


I can highly recommend Emily’s confidence course. Emily’s warm, kind and fun personality oozed through, as she guided me through lots of great and doable ideas and tips. Such as questioning my inner critic and refocusing instead on what she calls our inner cheerleader. Emily is very honest and shares what helps her in her life, which makes her relatable and authentic. Each session ends with a visualisation, which was so lovely and relaxing.
Susie of Susie Asli Mindfulness