Going against the ‘new you’ rubbish with 5 tips for a positive 2021

  1. Reflect on your priorities – If this year has taught us anything it’s shown what’s truly important: people and relationships. Think on your priorities and what truly matters to you. Then, with every activity, to do list, or stress, compare it with your priorities. Is it truly important? Do you need to do it? 
  2. Delete or unfollow each and every account that doesn’t bring joy, peace or positivity. Any negativity, be it comparison, guilt, shame or discontent with who you are or what you have, unfollow! 
  3. Plan  – Planning prevents poor performance. This counts with all things. I’ve learnt the last few months if I plan meals even a little bit then everything to do with shopping and cooking is easier, and more healthy. When I don’t plan, I end up hangry and making quick sugar heavy food. This links with other things too. If I plan in time for self care, time to chat with friends, time for exercise, quality time with hubby, life is so much better. What else do you need to plan?
  4. Start your day right!  – Get up early enough so you don’t have to rush and stress. This requires planning so you need to get to bed early enough too.  Have a positive wake up: a nice alarm, a yummy breakfast to wake up to, maybe a powerful song to energise you!
  5. End your day well. Go to bed at a good time but also go with peace. ‘Don’t let the sun go down while you’re still angry’ or stressed or thinking about things. Kiss your loved ones goodnight.  Make time to find peace and rest. Write a list of thoughts that can wait until tomorrow when you have a renewed strength.  How much time do we waste on our phones and then say we don’t have time for other things? (This goes back to your priorities)