Why don’t we believe that?  One reason – Comparison! 
Comparison is the thief of joy.

Why do we do it?  Who are we doing it with?  

Often we’re comparing other’s filtered bits that they put on social media, or what we see, which is only part of it.  Or we’re comparing our reality with the photoshopped photos in the glossy mags!  They’re not real! We are not seeing and understanding the full picture.  We’re comparing what we think we know about others, with the reality we fully know from our lives.  So its not a like for like comparison!

So what shall we do?

  1. Know your red flags (risky people) Stop following the red flag people on social media.  Stop looking at magazines that you compare with and that make you feel rubbish about yourself.  Stop hanging out with people who make you feel rubbish, in fact, only follow, hang out with people who build you up!  If you have to be with certain people, reflect on why you compare yourself with them, what exactly it is.  Think about whether you are strong enough to see them that day or what you need to do before you see them.
  2. Flip the comparison Instead of comparing others to ourselves and seeing what they have or do that we don’t, start to see the good bits others have that you have too!  That will boost you, AND if you compliment them, it boost them too! 
  3. Reflect and make realistic plans See what someone has or does that you’d like and think about the steps you could make towards that.  Plans need to be  SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time bound so that you’re more likely to succeed.  What are your dreams and goals for life?  What small steps can you make this week to start going towards them? 
  4. See your good bits Draw around your hand and on each digit write one thing that is good about you – try and write both personality traits and physical good bits (especially if you struggle with body image)!  If you struggle ask a trusted friend / family member if they can help.  Stick this somewhere you can see!